How to Trim Spare Ribs down to St Louis Style Ribs

After reading many instructionals on the internet and watching a few videos on for good measure, this is how we prepare our St Louis Style ribs. Spare ribs are cheaper by weight than prepared St Louis Style ribs, and even though there are off-cuts, these aren’t wasted as our two spoilt dogs usually get them for dinner, or you can use them in stir-fries.

Here is a rack of spare ribs.


Cut off the skirt (labelled above).IMG_0966 Find the joint between the ribs and the riblets. Slice along this joint to separate the two. The riblets are great to serve as an entree (appetiser).IMG_0967Here, the ribs and riblets are separated.

The ribs have a membranous layer on one side. This needs to be removed or it will become very chewy and unpleasant once cooked.

To do so, place a spoon in one of the gaps like so…




Pull back…IMG_0970

Separate the membrane from the flesh and pull it towards the end. Doggie on-looker not required.


Trim excess fat.


There you go!IMG_0972

IMG_2726IMG_2706Finally, feel bad for the dogs who had canned food for dinner, so cut up the scraps of meat and cartilage for their dinner tomorrow. Spoilt brats.



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