Ready, Steady, Cook! The Home Version

Ev and I finally finished eating through most of our food – the tinned fruits and peas didn’t get eaten but we were at the stage that we could have just heated up a can of peas with some butter and there would be nothing to go with it – so we went shopping. Hoo-bloody-ray. But to make things interesting the last few nights we’ve been playing our own version of ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’ I think we got used to cooking with so few ingredients!

I don’t know if other countries have a version of this show or if it’s only in Australia but it’s a cooking programme – duh – that has two teams (Capsicum and Tomato) consisting of a trained chef and a guest. The guest brings in a shopping bag of ingredients (I think there’s a price limit) and the teams compete to create the best meal in 20 minutes.

The way Ev and I work it is that we each go into the kitchen and pick two ingredients; the first person chooses without the second person knowing, which makes things interesting and definitely a challenge but it’s a bit of fun and of the three nights we’ve played it, we’ve made two decent meals. The third meal was only bad because the frozen spinach ended up tasting off once it was cooked.

I might go through the two successful recipes in their own posts but here’s a quick summary to whet your appetites… and to get me craving them again!

Night 1: Taco Bowls stuffed with Sweated Vegetables and Scrambled Eggs

  • Eggs
  • Mushrooms (polyols)
  • Poblano peppers
  • Worcestershire sauce (such a tiny amount that I can tolerate it)
  • Other ingredients included corn tortillas, marsala wine, the green parts of leek and chives, a dash of hot sauce (garlic powder is the very last ingredient, I can tolerate it), Parmesan cheese and milk, as well as salt and pepper.


Night 2: Potato Rissoles with Teriyaki Mayonnaise

  • Potato
  • Capsicum (green is high FODMAP but I can have a little)
  • Daicon radish (we’d never heard of it before, I didn’t react to the 3 sticks I ate)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Other ingredients included GF teriyaki sauce (I can tolerate it), GF plain flour, salt, pepper, 5 spice powder, and an egg.

As Ev said, this meal looks a little pretentious but it was delicious nonetheless.


Does anybody else out there have a cooking game that they play to keep things interesting?


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