We’re ONE – Happy Birthday to Us!

Simon has the monopoly on rawhide, and he's happy about it!

This is Simon, our friends’ adorable and cheeky Jack Russel Terrier – I’m pretty sure the photo credit here goes to Josh. It’s the only “birthday” themed photo that I have!

Today this little corner of the internet turns one! Happy birthday to us!

Well, I suppose that technically it’s a little older as I initially started it on Blogger but I only put a couple of posts on that before I moved it over to WordPress, so I’m counting March 7th as the official date. Mostly because I can’t remember the date of theย realย first post, as I deleted the old blog. Whoops!

It’s been a huge year. I’ve greatly increased my knowledge about FODMAPs and fructose malabsorption and become a member of a few low FODMAP and FM groups on Facebook. These groups are an absolute wealth of knowledge; I can’t recommend them highly enough for those just starting out with the diet but they come in handy for even seasoned fructose malabsorbers like myself as any new issues that come up, such as my issues with low stomach acid last year, can be discussed with a group of people who have either experienced the same thing or know enough about the digestive system to quickly grasp what might be going on. Oh, and they’re all private groups, so your “normal” friends can’t see you discussing any potentially stinky situations. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The links are:

This blog itself has gone from scraping in 10 to 15 views per day to at least 150-200 views consistently. How cool is that?! Hopefully it continues to grow steadily over the next year and beyond.

What started out as a venture to keep myself occupied while being unable to work (my visa got mixed up in 2012 and I only got my employment authorisation back in September 2013) and as a break from physiotherapy related study (I found out two weeks ago that I canย finallyย take the licensing exam, so I’m more nervous than excited at the moment for 5 continuous hours of multiple choice questions) has become a hobby that I love. It keeps us from getting into “meal ruts” as we have to keep coming up with new recipes for the site and has been a great motivation to learn more about nutrition and functional gut anatomy. It’s also a creative outlet to improve my photography skills, because I can’t hike and take landscape photographs over a Seattle winter. Plus, it keeps the house smelling delicious.

We moved three weeks ago to a sweet little townhouse about 30 minutes east of Seattle, which has a kitchen with a lot of potential – great appliances and a lot of space. Ev has taken the opportunity to claim part of the garage as a workshop and has gone out and bought some hefty power tools to help him (well, us, as I foresee myself standing around and helping hold things a lot, not to mention painting)ย build a full-sized dining table, a kitchen island and maybe even an aquaponics set up to make the most of our small backyard. Mostly it has just been a lot of unpacking and realising that there’s a more efficient way to store things and then changing it around. Then changing it again. The pantry is awesome-sauce now! The cupboard under the kitchen sink not so much. Bloody pipes.

THIS is the reason why I haven’t posted recently on the blog – though I have posted a few recipes on the Facebook page (a good way to follow along and get my non-blog posts) and Pinterest. I also have an Instagram account, if you’re interested in random snapshots of my fructose friendly life – and lots of dog photos. Hey, they’re cute!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank those who read all my posts and even take the time to comment – it means a lot and I really appreciate it. It’s nice to know that more than my parents are reading them! So keep the comments and the questions coming, and please tell your friends about us, whether they have fructose malabsorption or not. You’d never be able to tell that the recipes are for “special eaters.” In fact, someone ate my chocolate almond mud cake and didn’t even realise it was gluten free! I’ll count that as a win.


The chocolate almond mud cake – it’s easily one of my favourite cake recipes.

Stay tuned for a fructose-friendly version of my all-time favourite comfort food! You’ll have to wait and see what it is.

Cheers, and here’s to another great year for all of us.

Natty xoxo


4 thoughts on “We’re ONE – Happy Birthday to Us!

    • Thanks! The unpacking is mostly done but you know what they say – you get 80% of the work done in 20% of the time and the remaining 20% takes SOOOOOOO long. Ugh. We’ll get there in the end!

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