I just joined Bloglovin.

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11362999/?claim=wwe48jjmfg8″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


I’ve just signed up with Bloglovin’, an online platform from which you can follow any blog you like – regardless of who or what hosts it – and it collates them into one easy-to-read feed for you. It’s essentially like the old Google Reader, which I used to use, until it was cancelled; definitely handy to use and it helps to de-clutter your email inbox, if you choose not to follow the same blog in two locations.

Feel free to head over there, sign up (for free, with Facebook or email) and follow me – and any other blogs you like. This way, you’ll never miss a post. Unlike if you just follow the Facebook page, as Facebook is now on a vendetta to make you pay for it to publicise your posts with your followers. Which would be fine if this was a business… but it’s not. So, if you only follow Not From A Packet Mix on Facebook and have been wondering why you’re not getting my weekly posts in your news feed, I would recommend either following by email or Bloglovin’, as well.

Happy reading!



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