Which Sugar Should You Choose?

Just a quick re-post today – this is a great blog post by the Nutrition Guru and the Chef. I highly recommend checking their blog out for some much needed common sense nutrition. The recipes aren’t intended to be low FODMAP, so make sure you tweak as required. But back to sugar…

Excepting – of course – a FODMAPper’s requirement for the glucose concentration to be greater than that of the fructose, no isolated sugar is inherently “healthier” than any other and it should always be eaten in moderation.

If I ever say a sugar – or any food – is “evil/bad/the devil” on this blog, you can safely assume I’m referring to its excess free fructose content, which would cause me personally to have an IBS-type reaction. I do my best, though, to stay away from that sort of language, because (plant-based) food isn’t sentient, so can’t wish us harm.

Stay tuned for a new post this Fructose Friendly Friday! Have a great week, guys!


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