The Guide to FODMAP Friendly Sugars and Sweeteners

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21 thoughts on “The Guide to FODMAP Friendly Sugars and Sweeteners

    • Helen – thanks for the comment. I really love hearing that my posts help people out; it’s why I spend my spare time writing them, after all. 🙂 Which group do you run? Thank YOU for giving back to others in the IBS community, too.

  1. I just found your blog when googling Low FODMAP Pizza Sauce for my son. This is such a bewildering new adventure for me, a former professional baker, but kind of exciting in a weird way: how can I make yummy foods without using half of the Baker’s Quartet (flour, butter, sugar, eggs). My seven-year-old son is currently being tested for SIBO and FM, as he has had a continual tummy-ache since August 2015 (six months now), and I think he has become SO finicky precisely because he feels so awful after he eats. Hence he really only eats gluten-free pancakes with maple syrup. So I wanted to give you a hearty THANK YOU for the info in this blog, and especially for this page on sweeteners, as it has already helped me so much. And speaking of maple syrup, I live in Vermont, second only to Canada in syrup production, so if you’re ever willing to spring for shipping, I can hook you up with some good stuff! (Ever tried Grade C? Heavvvvvvvven!)

    • I would assume that the unprocessed sugar cane juice (if that’s what you are referring to) would be safe in moderate amounts, as cane syrup (boiled sugar cane juice) is low FODMAP. However, processing can alter the FODMAP content of a food – perhaps a FODMAP is removed in the processing from juice to syrup and sugar crystal, leaving sucrose – so it might be best to avoid pure sugar cane juice until you are onto the reintroduction phase of the diet. I hope that helps.

  2. My daughter is going through testing for FM and has gluten and some IBS issues too. She had suffered with intestinal issues for years … And finding out that FM exists was a surprise to us. Going grocery shopping now is a learning experience …and on my scavenger hunt for appropriate FM foods at one if many grocery stores yesterday …the ingredient labels were confusing. I surfed the Internet while wondering the grocery aisles … And came upon your article. We have a lot to learn. Very informative .. Thank you!

    • Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions feel free to use the contact form and good luck with your daughter’s fruct mal journey. I highly recommend seeing an appropriately trained dietitian if you can find one in your area.

      • My gastro dr. who is treating me for IBS gave me a 3-page article on the Low FODMAP Diet, but I was so overwhelmed by the info, I’ve done nothing about it! But after another unhappy morning, I decided to Google stevia leaf which is in the yogurt I frequently eat, and your blog came up. What a clear, information-packed article! Thanks so much for the help. Now I think I might try to actually eliminate those other things in my diet that could be triggers and see if it helps. But mostly, I realize it may be a matter of moderation for some foods (e.g., had a lot of guacamole last night and avocados should be limited.). So thank you again for all your work to put this article together!

  3. Hi Nataliya, thank you so much for this info. I’m still new to the Fodmap diet & was wondering what your thoughts are on the new Cassava Syrup on the market? If memory serves me correctly, Monash university lists Cassava as off-limits – but the syrup might be ok?

    • Hi Stephanie, it’s hard to tell because, while cassava is high in oligos in 1 cup serves, 1/2 a cup gets a low FODMAP rating from Monash. The syrup, however, could be completely different, as the sugars (and potentially some fibres) will be present in much higher concentrations. Ask your dietitian/nutritionist for guidance but my thoughts would be to avoid while on elimination and treat it as it’s own food trial during the reintroduction phase. Good luck!

  4. Hi. This is very informative let me add a little bit to it. Rice syrup solids are dry glucose syrup in which the sugar content is 20 DE or higher. Rice syrup solids are generally recognized as safe as direct human food ingredients at levels consistent with current good manufacturing practices. one more thing i want to mention here, based on my own experience the rice syrup solids produced by Shafi Gluco Chem is authentic and contain all the qualities of the best rice syrup solids.

  5. Thank you for this information. I have got to incorporate the FODMAP diet into my low bulk and gluten free diet. (Digestive complications from cancer treatments). It is getting very complicated and your list saying safe or unsafe is a big help.

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