Can You Bottle Beer (Homebrew) in a Growler?

By | January 19, 2021
Can You Bottle Beer (Homebrew) in a Growler?

For the amateur or serious homebrewer, saving your made goods in a growler might appear like a quick as well as convenient idea. They may hold the volume of a number of much smaller 12 or even 16 oz bottles, saving effort and time. You will certainly require to be actually careful with the style of growler you utilize and also utilize a powerful topping approach.

Home brew beer could be bottle in growler along with proper cleanliness methods as well as if making use of a solid cap to resist the improving tension in a growler as the draft beer develops carbonation.

Growlers can keep much more than a standard beer bottle, yet similar to any type of bottling procedure with homebrewing, considering ahead of time will certainly help reduce the risk of poisoning or even bottle-bombs.

I’ll detail what devices you’ll require to bottle your brew properly in a growler.

Bottling: Regular Beer Bottles VERSUS Growlers

A typical growler is actually a bottle or container used to transport and save draft beer as well as is actually normally constructed from glass, stainless-steel, or even ceramic.

These growlers are actually great for holding draft beer that is actually currently finished with fermentation and also bottle conditioning, therefore have a steady pressure.

Many people make use of growlers loaded with their preferred brewery’s water faucet to earn.

The co2 in charge of carbonating the beer additionally creates pressure in the bottle.

In a regular growler, this process could possibly create a surge, as several growlers are not especially developed to hold up against the improved pressure from carbonation.
For example, normal draft beer bottles have the ability to take care of the determined 30 to 35 extra pounds of pressure produced during the conditioning of draft beer bottle.

Growlers that possess strong or slow-witted wall structures may be able to hold up against the tension of bubbly draft beer.

Normally, the weakest factor in a growler is the hat, which alway screws on to the peak.

Compared to a normal draft beer bottle, these limits may not manage the tension produced through carbonating beer.

Some growlers may also be actually made along with thinner material reviewed to the quantity of beer within, which might withstand even less tension.
I ‘d claim go for it if you’re not scared of taking off growlers and a wide variety of beer to clean up.

Bottling home brew in the growler is a laborious method, therefore certainly there could be some trying out demanded prior to you obtain the result you were wishing for.

Possibilities are actually, you will not achieve success on the very first try out, yet ideally, you have a lot of growlers to utilize, straight?

Encouraged Gear

You’ll need to have to begin along with the best devices if you prefer to bottle our homebrew in a growler.

See to it you possess strong growlers along with heavy wall surfaces.

You’ll also require a high pressure measured limit.

Try a thick glass growler along with a swing peak, including the 2 Liter Growler coming from Northern Brewer.

Numerous homebrewers take pleasure in bottling in swing leading containers and growlers as the hats are recyclable provided that the bottles and also peaks are actually appropriately disinfected.
Some suppliers offer unique caps that assist control pressure in our growler to ensure 100% that the interior tension does not exceed the maximum stress the container can easily hold.

This limit coming from Craft Works is developed to preserve a max of 20 psi.

If you would rather possess an even more typical style hat, see to it that the hats are actually tough and strong, with the ability of acquiring an excellent seal, including this Premium Cap coming from

You will certainly require meals quality refinery and also, if preferred, a growler cleaner and brush.

A lot of homebrewers like StarSan in a concentrate, good enough that packages may be discovered that possess the sanitizer as well as spray bottle simultaneously.

Just How to Bottle Homebrew Growler
Below are actually a few steps to adhere to the minute bottle conditioning along with a growler:

Ensure you have good enough growlers. Growlers commonly can be found in 32 or even 64 ounce compartments. A five-gallon set of homebrew consists of 640 ounces, thus you’ll require about (10) 64 oz growlers, or even (20) 32 oz growlers.
Lots of growlers, specifically those great for bottle conditioning, possess slim oral cavities. Or, utilize a spray bottle of refinery and spin the growler around to help make sure all the areas are actually properly dealt with.
Siphon or even rack your homebrew right into each growler, leaving enough headspace in every one. You can easily wrench merely by utilizing a singular food items level pipe, however to make the process much easier, take into consideration making use of a spring filled bottle filler aslo and even an automotive funnel (certainly, sterilizing both if you utilize all of them).
Get each swing best or even cap in location. Make sure certainly not to contact the inside for the swing leading or even hat that is actually subjected to your beer.
Shop your growlers in dark place, off of direct sunlight, which can easily oxidize your brew and also create a skunky flavor. Produce certain that the temp doesn’t vary significantly, as much higher than optimal temperature levels for your brew can easily trigger overactive yeast which can overpressure our growlers, causing all of them to explode.
Consider stashing your growlers in another compartment, such as a sizable plastic storage space compartment, which could deal with disorganized tidy up if a hat bursts or the bottle breathers.
With sufficient planning as well as the correct tools, you most definitely may bottle your home brew in a growler.

However, if you just make use of any growler and also reuse a hat you got en route, you might certainly not experience the very best end results.


A lot of brand new homebrewers perform discover the procedure of bottling in to private bottles a time consuming as well as costly procedure, trying to buy or reuse enough containers for a whole five gallon batch of mixture.
By conditioning in growlers, brewers may lessen the number of containers they must make use of, yet along with a vast array of barrel and growler options, makers can save time as well as come to drinking much sooner.

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